10 Volt Reference Using Vintage IC’s

Testing and calibrating the 10 volt reference
Testing and cal­i­brat­ing the 10 volt reference

Building a 10 volt ref­er­ence using some vin­tage AD584 IC’s from 1983.

While orga­niz­ing some spare part bins from years past, I came across an assort­ment of IC’s in what used to be pop­u­lar, eight-ter­mi­nal TO-99 met­al cans. Many of these were op-amps, neg­a­tive volt­age reg­u­la­tors, com­para­tors, and a dozen AD584 volt­age ref­er­ence IC’s.
The Analog Devices AD584 is a Pin Programmable Precision Voltage Reference, capa­ble of out­putting volt­ages of 10.000 V, 7.500 V, 5.000 V, and 2.500 V.  The AD584 is still man­u­fac­tured in a revi­sion C version.
After set­ting up one on a bread­board, I decid­ed to make a small print­ed cir­cuit board so that I could have a stand­alone 10 volt ref­er­ence to com­pli­ment the Quad — Voltage Reference and the Programmable Voltage Reference.

AD584 Precision Voltage Reference 10V board top
AD584 Precision Voltage Reference 10V board top V1.0
AD584 Reference 10V board Bottom V1.0
AD584 Precision Voltage Reference 10V board bot­tom V1.0

Only a few com­po­nents are need­ed for a func­tion­al ref­er­ence. I based my design on the datasheet exam­ple of “Output Trimming” and used a low tem­per­a­ture coef­fi­cient (±5ppm/°C) Vishay Dale PTF56312K00FZEB 312K ohm resis­tor along with a Vishay Y005610K0000K0L 10K ohm foil trim­mer (±15ppm/°C). Other parts include a 1uF ceram­ic capac­i­tor, two 0.1 uF ceram­ic capac­i­tors, and a Teflon TO-99 sock­et with gold plat­ed contacts.

Supply volt­age for the ref­er­ence is 15 volts DC sup­plied by a Texas Instruments TL780-15KCS pos­i­tive reg­u­la­tor in a TO220 pack­age mount­ed on the back case pan­el, using an exter­nal 18.5 volt AC-DC pow­er supply.

AD584 Reference 10V Components without IC V1.0
AD584 Reference 10V Components with­out IC V1.0

Initial test­ing at room tem­per­a­tures with only a few days of oper­a­tional time on the IC showed the ref­er­ence to be sta­ble with­in 30 uV, with a very slow volt­age increase of a few micro­volts every 6 hours.
My plan is to keep the ref­er­ence pow­ered up for the next 20 days and track the drift and tem­per­a­ture to see when it starts to sta­bi­lize, and then adjust the trim for 10.00000 volts.

Enclosure is a black alu­minum Hammond mod­el 1457C801BK,  with a dimen­sion of 3.15 in L x 2.4 in W x 1.21 in H.
The front banana jacks are Pomona Electronics 2854 series, with gold plat­ed brass body. Colors are 2854–0 Black and 2854–2 Red.

10V Reference AD584 Open Back mounting and 15 volt regulator
10V Reference AD584 Open Back mount­ing and 15 volt regulator
10V Reference AD584 Front Jacks
10V Reference AD584 Front Jacks

Eagle CAD V7.7.0 design files: Ref10VcanV10.zip Version 1.0

Eagle CAD V7.7.0 design files: Ref10VcanV102.zip Version 1.02

Boards avail­able from OSH Park: Version 1.0

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    1. Hi Rom,
      The TO-99 sock­ets are from around 1980, and are sol­id Teflon with gold plat­ed beryl­li­um cop­per contacts.
      You might be able to use an 8 pin TO‑5 sock­et with a 0.2″ diam­e­ter pin circle.

      Greg (Barbouri)

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