ATtiny85 breakout with selectable LED’s

AT-Tiny 85 Breakout LED Components, side angle view
ATtiny85 Microprocessor Breakout, LED Components, side angle view

Constructing an ATtiny85 break­out board for pro­to­typ­ing and testing.

While work­ing on the oven heater con­trol cir­cuit for the Voltage Reference Quad Project V2, I need­ed a small board for test­ing the PID heater con­trol with­out using a ser­i­al port or dis­play. I also want­ed to use the same board design for mul­ti­ple projects where I only need­ed a few I/O pins.

The ATtiny85 (PDIP) break­out board includes an array of 5 low cur­rent blue LED’s that are sol­der jumper selec­table for each of the ATtiny85’s I/O pins except for the reset pin.
I also added sev­er­al wire or 0.1″ head­er con­nec­tions for all I/O pins and the pow­er and ground pins. The board also has a pow­er fil­ter­ing capac­i­tor, green LED pow­er indi­ca­tor, and a reset pushbutton.
Switch for the reset push­but­ton is an Omron B3F-3150 right angle tac­tile mod­el, but any of the B3F-31XX series will fit. Resistors and LED’s are 0603 size, capac­i­tor C2 is 0805 and C1 is a 1206 size polar­ized package.

Breakout board schematic Attiny85 Version 1.0
Breakout board schemat­ic Attiny85 Version 1.0
ATtiny85 breakout V1.0 layout
ATtiny85 break­out V1.0 layout

Board dimen­sions are 0.95 x 0.87 inch­es (24.00 x 21.97 mm)

ATtiny85 Breakout LED Components top view
ATtiny85 Breakout LED Components top view
ATtiny85 Breakout LED without compoments top and bottom angle view
ATtiny85 Breakout LED with­out com­po­nents top and bot­tom angle view

Three boards from OSH Park ship­ping to a US address cur­rent­ly costs $4.05 USD. I did not include any mount­ing holes in the design, but it should be easy to mod­i­fy the board to include a mount­ing point depend­ing on the need.

Eagle CAD V7.7.0 files.

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