Millivolt Meter

The Millivolt Meter Project

This is a DIY mil­li­volt meter that was orig­i­nal­ly designed by
Scullcom Hobby Electronics and pre­sent­ed on Youtube.
Definitely take the time to watch the videos (4 parts) as they are very well done and pre­sent­ed in a way that’s easy to fol­low and learn from.

I was in need of a meter that I could ded­i­cate to low volt­age pre­ci­sion read­ings, and could be done for a rea­son­able cost. So this project seemed like a per­fect fit. As usu­al after view­ing the video I saw many areas that the meter could be mod­i­fied and improved for my spe­cif­ic use, and quick­ly began design­ing my own ver­sion of it using Eagle CAD V7.5. Continue read­ing “Millivolt Meter”