Voltage Reference Quad Project Version 2 — Part 1

Voltage Reference Quad Project ver­sion 2 board

An updated version of the
Voltage Reference Quad Project’s circuit board.

This is my ver­sion 2 board update, which incor­po­rates sup­ply volt­age reg­u­la­tion, over-cur­rent pro­tec­tion, and trim­mer for the 5.000 volt ref­er­ence all on the same board. Continue read­ing “Voltage Reference Quad Project Version 2 — Part 1”

Programmable Voltage Reference Project

A pre­ci­sion pro­gram­ma­ble volt­age ref­er­ence cir­cuit capa­ble of 0.001 to 4.095 volt out­put in 1 mV steps with an accu­ra­cy of 100 uV.

Programmable Voltage Reference circuit board top
Programmable Voltage Reference cir­cuit board top com­po­nent side, Version 1.04

This project is based on a cir­cuit designed by uChip and pre­sent­ed in the Sparkfun forum. There is a Github page for the orig­i­nal design. Continue read­ing “Programmable Voltage Reference Project”

10K ohm reference resistor

A quick and easy project to mount a pre­ci­sion 10K ohm resis­tor for use as a ref­er­ence standard.

10KreferenceFront0110K resis­tor enclo­sure front panel

To go along with my Quad pre­ci­sion volt­age ref­er­ence I want­ed to add an accu­rate resis­tance ref­er­ence to my bench equipment.
I decid­ed on a 10K ohm pre­ci­sion resis­tor from Vishay Foil Resistors.
The resis­tor is a Z series ultra high pre­ci­sion Z‑Foil though-hole resis­tor with a TCR of ± 0.05 ppm/°C, Tolerance of ± 0.005 % (50 ppm), Load Life Stability of ± 0.005 %, and rat­ed at 0.6 Watts.

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Voltage Reference Quad Project

Vref4BoardFrontPanel01Precision Reference Standard Quad front panel

After see­ing sev­er­al oth­er volt­age ref­er­ence projects online and many more assem­bled boards on Ebay, I decid­ed to put togeth­er my own ver­sion of a mul­ti-out­put mod­ule that I could use for pro­to­typ­ing ADC, and oth­er projects.
I need­ed at least a 2.048 volt and a 4.096 volt pre­ci­sion ref­er­ence. An extreme­ly high accu­ra­cy 5.000 volt ref­er­ence was also on my list. I already had an enclo­sure on hand that I want­ed to use, but in my ear­ly mock ups the three out­puts on the front pan­el just did­n’t look right. So for good mea­sure a 2.500 volt ref­er­ence was added to the project.
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