Milliohm Meter Version 1.5

Update to the Milliohm Meter Project

Updated V1.5 board assem­bly for the Milliohm Meter Project.
The Milliohm Meter board V1.41 is fea­tured in Scullcom’s Milliohm Meter Udpdate YouTube video.
I had already start­ed on the ver­sion 1.5 board update a week ear­li­er and was about to send the pro­to­type files out to OSH Park for man­u­fac­tur­ing, when I noticed a new Scullcom video thru my YouTube sub­scrip­tion notice. I was pleas­ant­ly sur­prised to see that it was an update to the orig­i­nal Milliohm Meter and it was fea­tur­ing the V1.41 board that I had designed. Louis had made some sim­i­lar updates to com­po­nents, so I quick­ly updat­ed the V1.5 board file to match before send­ing it off.

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